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    Teollisuuden asennusnostot Eilola

    Industrial lifting

    Operating a crane in an industrial environment has its challenges: cramped spaces, expensive and delicate machines to lift, tight schedules – and of course, safety must be the top priority every second.

    With our experience and equipment, we can cater to all your demanding installation lifting needs. We have extra-low crane trucks for low-headroom spaces, self-steering trailers for narrow spaces, and extendible trailers up to 30 metres.


    Construction lifting

    At your building site, Eilola’s crane driver is a punctual customer service rep, always quick to flexibly react to ever-changing situations. Calm, cooperative and competent, his safety skills are also top notch.

    Our installation cranes come in the range of 19–200 tm, with max height of 51 meters.
    Man cages, pallet forks, spreaders, negative angle booms, and winches are also at your disposal.