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    Low-bed semi trailer trucks

    A low-bed semi is often the best and most cost-effective choice for transporting tall prefab units. A low combo can maneuver under bridges and underpasses more easily, allowing for more effective route planning – and saving time and money.

    eilola kuljetuspalvelut erikoiskuljetukset

    Special transports

    Extra-high, extra-wide or extra-long – whatever your special transport needs, we will deliver. At your request, we can also take care of the permits paperwork and arrange for escort supervision for your transport.

    Flatbed break bulk cargo

    Break bulk transport needs? When weather protection is not needed, a flatbed is a smart choice for transporting tower cranes, prefab modules, manlifts, and the like. A flatbed is easy and fast to load and unload. We’ll deliver your goods to any destination within the Nordic countries.

    Crane truck transports

    A crane truck with its versatile trailer options is optimal for hauling site huts, large beams, pipes, etc. Depending on the case, we can use a full-trailer (13 m), a centre-axle trailer (9 m) or a semi-trailer combination. With an extension trailer we can handle cargo up to 30 metres.


    Extra-low cradle trailer

    For transporting tall and heavy objects such as silos, crushers and other heavy machinery, an extra-low cradle trailer is a good option. The cradle’s loading height is only 35 cm.

    An 8+5 m cradle is extendable up to 21 m, with a max width of 3,45 m. Loading capacity 47 tonnes at 80 km/h, and 60,8 tonnes at 20 km/h.