• Suomi
  • About us

    We provide mounting crane services across Southern Finland, along with transport services with our platform fleet across the Nordic countries. Our range of services also includes swap bodies, hauling, and storage & space rental.

    We strive to exceed customer expectations in all our operations. We want to be a flexible partner for all our stakeholders.

    We want to leave a lasting impression as a high-quality, safe and reliable supplier. We take pride in showcasing our beautiful, well-maintained vehicles on the road. At the site, you will be greeted by our friendly professional with a presentable appearance – with customer satisfaction at heart.

    We always welcome your feedback. If you have any lingering concerns, please contact us and we’ll sort it out. And when you have a good experience, please spread the good word!

    Our history

    • Established in 1987 as Eilola Ky with just one mobile crane.
    • The first truck with a loading crane purchased in 1998.
    • Current name adopted & rearranged as a joint-stock company in 2006.
    • Mobile cranes sold to E. Helaakoski Oy in 2007.

    Our values

    • Reliability
    • Customer orientation
    • Safety

    Our vision

    • Profitable growth
    • To be best-in-industry in safety culture and quality
    • Maintain a dedicated fleet of premium vehicles
    • To be the most desirable employer in our industry